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First of all, if you don’t, your competition will, and they will get all the insider tips and secrets they need to become #1 in your industry. And what does it take to become #1? Fearless innovation!

There are very few women innovation speakers, and even fewer who have actually innovated. Julie is both.
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multiple streams of income

The Money Garden

According to a study by the Small Business Administration, multiple business owners are more likely to be classified as high income and high wealth. The only real security comes from inventing your own future, and that includes a business portfolio. The Money Garden shows you how to use the…

free career ebook

A Pink Slip is a Gift – Free eBook

Getting a pink slip sounds like bad news until you realize that it’s actually an opportunity in disguise. Now is the time to regroup, reinvent yourself, and open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities because the job market as we know it is gone. Innovation expert…


“Julie’s creativity workshop was a huge success. Participants learned exact techniques on how to come up with their own inventions and how to use innovation in their daily lives…

“Julie Austin’s speech, ‘Reinvent Your Marketing’ was well received by our Daekyo franchise owners at our recent conference. As an inventor and business owner with distributors around the world,…

Julie spoke at the Working World Job Fair and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her seminar to an audience of job-seekers was both informative and inspiring. We loved…

It was a pleasure having Julie speak at our ASD International Retail Conference in Las Vegas. The retail and wholesale small business owners appreciated her topic “Using Innovation for…

“Julie’s presentation about Storytelling at our recent conference gave attendees a unique perspective on how to change a typical press release into something more captivating.  Some comments we received…

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Why Creativity Gets Better With Age

Aging, in general, gets a bad rap. Though it’s true that as you age your body slowly goes through changes and all vital organs begin to lose some of…

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